Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Solar Energy Industries in Mumbai India

Solar Energy Industries in Mumbai India
Now India generates almost 1800 MW power through solar energy
Solar Energy Industries in Mumbai india
Indian solar energy industry will need 1 lakh people by 2022
India has a vast supply of green energy resources, and has a significant program for deploying these resources. An exclusive ministry for renewable energy called Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources later renamed as Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNES) has also been set up.
Solar Energy Industries in Mumbai
According to the recent report on Renewable Energy in India from www.india-reports.com, http://www.india-reports.com/summary/energy.aspx, the Renewable Energy market in India is pegged at US$600 million, growing at 15% per annum. The Government’s renewable energy target by 2030 is 200 gigawatts, estimated to require US$200 billion in capital investment. Currently, 3.5% of installed capacity is in the renewable sector, producing 3700 MW. Renewable energy is projected to produce 10,000 MW by 2012.

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