Thursday, July 14, 2011

Now Toyota will used Linux in Cars only

Will Toyota's membership in The Linux Foundation spur it to contribute to FOSS? Thoughts on Technology blogger Jeff Hoogland hopes so. "At the very least I think it is a sign that Meego will be appearing at some point as an in-car operating system," he said. "Here is to hoping Meego can eventually give the pseudo-Linux Android a run for its money."

It's hard to keep up with all the companies joining The Linux Foundation these days, but recently one jumped on board whose name threw a collective hush over the Linux blogosphere.
Toyota, that is -- none other than the planet's largest automobile manufacturer in terms of both sales and production.
Is there really anything else to say? Linux, you're on top of the world.
'The Flexibility We Require'
"Linux gives us the flexibility and technology maturity we require to evolve our In-Vehicle-Infotainment and communications systems to address the expectations of our customers," said Kenichi Murata, a project general manager with Toyota. "The Linux Foundation provides us with a neutral forum in which we can collaborate with the world's leading technology companies on open innovation that accelerates that evolution."
Toyota joined the foundation as a full-fledged gold member, in fact, making it clear that it's betting big on the open source operating system.
Did Linux bloggers take note? You bet your favorite dashboard computing device they did.
'It Means There's No Stopping Linux'
Embedded entertainment systems have actually been "a strong area for Linux for quite some time," Travers pointed out. "This is hardly a new frontier, but rather a logical expansion of where Linux has been going for quite a while."
At the same time, of course, "this is a win for Linux," he added. "It demonstrates continued strong performance in this market and continued viability for Linux here."
Hyperlogos blogger Martin Espinoza took a similar view.
"This one is almost too easy, but I'll go there anyway," Espinoza said. "Obviously it means there's no stopping Linux."
'A Great Tool for Embedded Systems'
Blogger Robert Pogson's first car was a Toyota, he told Linux Girl.
"It used analogue computers and I could pry a module apart, make some measurement and replace parts with a soldering iron," he recounted. "Times have changed and Toyota has long ago seen the benefit of digital computers and control systems."
Linux is "a great tool for embedded systems, communication, documentation, navigation, control, logging, monitoring and entertainment," Pogson explained. "Toyota is wise to rely on such well-tested and open standard software to improve the bottom line, increase performance and to make their vehicles more attractive to consumers."

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