Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab price guide

Our guide to getting the best value Galaxy Tab on offer

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At launch, Samsung's Galaxy Tab is available across all five of the UK's major networks. But it doesn't exactly come cheap, with prices starting at around £499, which makes it more costly than the entry-level iPad.
Currently just about the best Android tablet out there, the Galaxy Tab appears the only serious option for those keen to try Google's mobile OS on a tablet computer. Its pricing, however, could mean that only true Android fans buy one.
"Pricing the device so close to the iPad could be a parlous decision," says Jonathan Leggett, an expert at comparison site "Had Samsung substantially undercut Apple, the Tab could well have found a mass market audience prepared to make room for it in their range of devices somewhere between their smartphone and laptop. As it stands, the Galaxy Tab is just too expensive for what it is."
The two best value packages appear to be from Three and Talk Talk, with O2, Orange and T-Mobile making relatively similar deals. Importantly many of the networks are offering different data allowances, some granting 1GB of use for the same price as 500MB on another. For those of you who are heavy users, or enjoy streaming music or watching videos, this could be a crucial factor.
Most of the network contracts also offer the Galaxy Tab without free minutes or texts, despite its ability to make calls. Opting for a data-only deal could mean things are cheaper initially but you are in danger of running up large bills once you get into the habit of making calls.

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