Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Jobs in NASA--- Space & NASA 4009

NASA campus in Loveland could mean 10,000 new jobs

LOVELAND - It could be the biggest economic development project Colorado has seen in 25 years. The prospect of 10,000 jobs would help Larimer County's unemployment rate, which has started to spike in recent months. But there are still a few steps that must be completed before the jobs are on their way.
The job roles could cover research, engineering, manufacturing and administrative duties. There would also be several other positions beyond the park.
Loveland's facilities were chosen out of a field of 40 applicants.
While a number of Boulder County communities were vying for the project, including Louisville and Longmont, Loveland was the top pick.
At the cost of $5.5 million, the Agilent technology campus could soon have dozens of companies working to turn thousands of NASA patents into products.
They are jobs the mayor of Loveland says the town welcomes.
"These are the kind of jobs that are good paying jobs and the kind of jobs you can raise your family on," Mayor Cecil Gutierrez said.
The Federal Space Act agreement calls for the creation of the park. It also calls for NASA to partner with a nonprofit designed to strengthen Colorado's clean energy industry, a group known as CAMT (Colorado Association of Manufacturing and Technology).
There is a hold up because of pending legal agreements between CAMT and the City of Loveland.
"This just doesn't happen overnight, a lot of details need to be worked out," Gutierrez said.
He says there are several reasons Loveland was an attractive choice.
"Having a building that is ready for these companies to move in to is very, very important, but on top of that we have a highly educated work force. This is a place where people love to live," Gutierrez said.
"Everyone's always known for a long time that Northern Colorado's a great place to live," Loveland resident Nick Hansen said.
"Jobs are very scarce in Northern Colorado, so this means a lot to the entire region," longtime Loveland resident Jay Earl said.
If all goes smoothly, the city estimates negotiations with CAMT should be completed by the end of June and the doors could be open by this fall.
Jobs Listed

JobtitleJob LocationPublicDepartmentPostedDeadline
Supervisory Aerospace Engineer Assistant Aerospace Flight SysWorldwidePubNASA06/01/1106/16/11
Supervisory Human Resources Specialist Hr DevelopmentMOUNTAIN VIEW, CAGovNASA05/31/1106/06/11
Assistant Aerospace Vehicle Design and Mission AnalysisCAPE CANAVERAL, FLPubNASA05/27/1106/06/11
Contract SpecialistMOUNTAIN VIEW, CAGovNASA05/25/1106/10/11
Contract SpecialistSTENNIS SPACE CENTER, MSGovNASA05/24/1106/07/11
Information Technology Specialist Information SecurityWorldwidePubNASA05/23/1106/06/11
Criminal Investigator Computer CrimesMOUNTAIN VIEW, CAGovNASA05/13/1106/06/11
Criminal Investigator Computer CrimesWASHINGTON, DCGovNASA05/13/1106/06/11
Director Budget Management and Systems SupportWorldwideGovNASA05/13/1106/13/11
Chief Financial OfficerSTENNIS SPACE CENTER, MSGovNASA05/11/1106/10/11

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