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New Traffic Safity--- Technology © 5010

New Traffic safity management System Saudi Arabia

Traffic Safety Photo radar in All Saudi Arabia SAHER System

In Saudi Arabia, new system is introduced to control traffic Speed. All big cities are giving Car (VAN type KIA) in that car their camera system and Speed sencer and they will park car beside the road at fix length. So it will capture only last line car plate # only. Some people run away at slow speed track, so they cannot be capture by camera. Camera will capture only last line (high speed) car number Plate. Then it will send your Number to Traffic control office and same time at your Iqama and mobile by SMS, if car is register under your name and you have register at Saher System with your mobile number you will get SMS, with violation ID and plenty.

You can register your car at this website.
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If you will not register your car with Saher system and you get violation without notice and after one month it will by double, minim fine is 300SR as per new system.

The Kingdom's Traffic Safety Management System


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed the employment of a world-class technology to control and manage motor vehicle traffic with a highly developed system called (SAHER). The system has been incorporated in some cities and will soon be implemented in all major cities. We would like to alert you that the speed limits on some highways within the major cities and highways between cities have been changed and new speed limit signs have been installed.

The SAHER system is an automated traffic control and management system, which covers major cities in Saudi Arabia, and uses a digital camera network linked with the National Information Center of the Ministry of Interior.
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The Goal of the SAHER System:

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To ensure strict, accurate and constant implementation of traffic regulations.
To improve the level of traffic safety.
To upgrade the existing road network.
To enhance public security by using the latest automated surveillance and violation control systems.

Technical Features of SAHER
Real time monitoring of traffic movement.
Administering the traffic efficiently and effectively.
Assisting in traffic accident prevention and responding immediately to traffic cases.
Utilizing mobile vehicles more effectively.
Live control of traffic accidents and cases.
Capturing violations via automated process and advising individuals of their violations quickly .

Speed Control: First Perpose of Saher System is controlled by shooting clear pictures (photos) of the vehicles' license plates while exceeding the speed limit in all tracks (lanes) at the same time. This system runs around the clock.
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Monitoring the Vehicles Ignoring Red Traffic Signals:

A front camera captures a clear picture of the license plate and driver. The sensor detects the violation of ignoring the red traffic signal or pedestrian crossing. The rear camera captures the back plate of the vehicle and the traffic light status

Circulation of Traffic Violation Ticket:

Saher System by Tanveer%u2022The offending vehicle is automatically monitored by cameras.
%u2022A photo of the violating vehicle's license plate (exceeding speed limits, ignoring red traffic signals, and other traffic violations) is forwarded.
%u2022The violation is received at the Violation Processing Center.
%u2022The violating car owner's information is obtained from the National Information Center.
%u2022The violation ticket is issued and sent via messaging system (mobile).
%u2022Settlement of traffic tickets may be made by the Sadad Payment System through an ATM.
Violators can be Notified by:

%u2022When the violation is issued, the violator will be notified, provided that he has updated his information at the Information Center and added his mobile phone number.
%u2022By calling: 01-292-8888.
%u2022Or visiting the website: Ministry of Interior
%u2022Or visiting MOI e-Services:
Enter your national ID (Ahwal/Iqama) number, the verification code, and then press "send," and the system will advise you if any citation is recorded against you.

%u2022Through SMS, by sending an SMS containing your ID number, service code "56" then *, for example (56*1234567890) to:
STC: 888995
Mobily: 625555
Zain: 709445

The Vehicle Owner/User's Information can be Updated Through:

%u2022Visiting the Traffic, Civil Affairs or Passport departments.
%u2022The website of the Ministry of Interior:
%u2022Sending a message using your mobile phone:
The message should contain the ID number and expiration date of the driver license or the vehicle registration expiration date (Estmarah) - date in AH,

the ID number and (*) than DL or vehicle registration expiry date in AH (without spaces):

Example: 1001949690*1435

Message to:

STC: 888993
Mobily: 623333
Zain: 709422

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